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How We Operate

The NLCP is a not for profit organization dedicated to regulating and improving the practice of Physiotherapy.  Its’ primary mandate is to ensure the protection of the public through competent, safe, and ethical physiotherapy practice.  To achieve this, the College requires its’ members to maintain professional standards of practice and holds them accountable for their conduct under the Physiotherapy Act.

Physiotherapy is a self-regulated profession in Newfoundland and Labrador, which means that Physiotherapists are directly involved in determining the rules that govern their profession.  This is achieved through the College Council which is made up of peer elected physiotherapists and public members appointed by Government.

The College Council directs and carries out the work of the NLCP in 4 main areas:

  1. Registration of qualified and competent individuals
  2. Maintenance of competency through the Continuing Competency Program
  3. Investigation and response to concerns from the public via the Complaints Authorization and Disciplinary Committee’s
  4. Establishment and review of professional standards through the work of the Policy Review Committee