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New Graduate Registration Applicant

Legislation governing the practice of physiotherapy in this province requires all practicing physiotherapists to have current registration with the NLCP. Successful completion of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (P.C.E.) is a requirement for registration. The NLCP grants Conditional Registration to a physiotherapy graduate who has met all other requirements for registration and has passed the written component. The member who is conditionally registered may engage in the practice of physiotherapy under the supervision/mentorship of, and with the same employer and hours as an approved, registered member-in-good-standing of the College (“Mentor”). Details of the mentorship program should be reviewed by both the applicant and the mentor.

Return the completed form below and all the supporting documentation necessary to process your application for registration to the College. Please note that applicants must have passed the qualifying portion of the PCE and be registered for the clinical portion to be eligible for conditional registration.
Please provide the documents outlined below, namely:

  1. A completed application form – (below)
  2. Payment of the registration fee (payable only by cheque or money order): after March 1st – $325; prorated fee after July 1st – $248; prorated fee after November 1st – $165.
  3. A notarized copy of the applicant’s physiotherapy degree; if not yet available a letter directly from the University confirming graduation will suffice until the notarized copy of the applicant’s degree is available
  4. Proof that the applicant has passed the written portion of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) of the CAPR [Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators]
  5. An applicant who has not attempted the Physiotherapy Competency Examination, and is registered without restriction in another Canadian jurisdiction may be granted registration if the applicant meets all the following conditions:
    1. Practiced a minimum of 3200 hours of work experience, in no fewer than 24 months and no more than 36 months, and
    2. Practiced those hours within a consecutive two to three year period.
  6. If the applicant previously worked as a physiotherapist, a letter confirming good standing and recorded practice hours – sent directly from each of the jurisdictions in which the applicant was previously registered
  7. Certificate of conduct from local policing authority issued within the last 45 days
  8. Proof of malpractice insurance (the minimum of which shall be at least equivalent to the minimum liability insurance offered through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association)
  9. Proof of membership in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  10. Proof that the applicant will be supervised in a manner satisfactory to council by a physiotherapist registered in this province
  11. Completed “Conditions of Registration” and “Conditions of Practice” forms

Please allow a minimum of five business days from receipt of all required documentation to process the application.

If you need further clarification, please contact the Registrar.

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