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Registered Clinics

ClinicRegistration Number
ActiveLife Physiotherapy & Wellness8075
APSolute Performance & Wellness8097
Attain Physiotherapy and Sport Performance Centre8098
Avalon Laser Health Clinic8072
Avalon Physiotherapy Ltd.8001
Back on Track8040
Bath Physiotherapy8074
Bay Roberts Physiotherapy8013
Billard Physiotherapy8051
Body Works Fitness & Physiotherapy8069
C.B.S. Wellness Centre8079
Commonwealth Physiotherapy8008
Core Physiotherapy8090
Cottage Hospital Physiotherapy & Fitness8058
Deer Lake Physiotherapy Clinic8020
Dynamic Physiotherapy Services Ltd.8043
Gulf Massage and Physiotherapy Ltd8024
Health and Performance Centre8060
Holyrood Wellness Centre8092
Lifestyle Physiotherapy Clinic Inc.8070
Linnick Physiotherapy8027
Live Fit Rehabilitation Centre8077
Livefit Physiotherapy8018
NL Balance & Dizziness Centre8085
Nova Physiotherapy Ltd.8003
Paradise Physiotherapy8045
Peninsula Physiotherapy8015
Physical Rehab. Inc.8022
Physio North8063
Progressive Physiotherapy Inc.8081
ReNew Physiotherapy Ltd.8066
Riverside Therapeutics8088
Rock Physiotherapy & Wellness Inc.8096
Scaplen Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Consulting8095
Stephenville Physiotherapy Inc.8080
Therapy Works Inc.8053
TSL Physio8000
Vitality Wellness8094
Wedgewood Physiotherapy8005