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Foreign Trained Applicant

In order to practice physiotherapy in this province, it is a legislative requirement to be registered with the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Physiotherapists (NLCP). Successful completion of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) is a requirement for eligibility for registration regardless of an applicant’s educational background.

The first step in preparation for registration is to have your qualifications assessed (credentialed) by the CAPR [Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators]. Once you are credentialed, you should then complete Part 1 (Qualifying Examination) of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE). You will be required to provide proof that you have passed Part 1 and that you are registered for the next sitting of Part 2 (the Clinical Examination) of the PCE in order for the College to process your application for registration. You can apply for Conditional Registration with this College when you have successfully completed Part 1 (Qualifying Examination) of the PCE and provide proof that you are registered for the next available sitting of Part 2 (Clinical Examination) of the PCE.

As a conditional registrant you will be required to practice under the supervision of an “Active” member of the College – approved by the College, who will be your Mentor. You will not be permitted to work in a sole charge position.

When you have been successful in the Qualifying Examination of the PCE, refer to the New Graduate Applicants procedures.

Upon successfully completing the written and clinical portions of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination, you may apply for “Acitve” registration with this College. The condition of supervision will no longer be necessary when you obtain “Active” registration.

For your information, the CAPR [Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators] administers the P.C.E. and their contact information is:

Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
Suite 501 1243 Islington Avenue
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. M8X 1Y9
Tel: (416) 234-8800
Fax: (416) 234-8820